Together we make up a framework in which we celebrate our gayness in the Way of Yachad (Hebrew for together).

We do not consider our group(s) as an alternative to the other institutions of Germany's Jewish Community. Yachad should be in addition to the Jewish life in this country.

At the moment we have several regional groups. They carry out their activities on their own. Besides monthly meetings - sometimes private, sometimes in public (Cafes, Restaurants, etc.) - we make have our own parties, excursions and meetings/services for the Jewish Holidays as well.

The annual Christopher Street Day Parades in the different cities are a chance for Yachad chapters to participate in the parade/ festivities, and for members to visit each other.

Internationally, we are in excellent contact with other Jewish Gay and Lesbian Groups in the Netherlands, in Austria, Great Britain, France and the USA, and other countries as well.

In the World Congress of Gay and Lesbian Jewish Organizations, Yachad is a member, with other Jewish Gay Organizations around the world.

As a Jewish group, we declare our solidarity to the Gay and Lesbian Movement in Israel, where we have very good relationships to their organizations.

If you are interested in Yachad, please contact us.

YACHAD Deutschland
eMail: yachad@israel-live.de

Donations for YACHAD Germany are responsible at the Bank Office Stadtsparkasse München, Bank Nr. 701 500 00, Account 902 110 246

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